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Most Asked Questions
Women-Owned Businesses

Could you please advise me on the best way to get a list of women owned businesses in San Mateo, San Francisco, and Marin?

The best place to track down women owned businesses in your area is through the National Association of Women Business Owners (phone 301-608-2590). I believe that this is their national headquarters—and they are likely to have a chapter in the San Francisco area. I hope this helps. Good luck! —Amy

Hi! I'm looking for a woman owned business that I believe is called "The Woman-Made Company." They used to put out a great catalog of specially designed women's work gloves and clothes. I used to see their ads often, but now I can't find a reference to them anywhere and I'd like to send their address/ph # to a friend. Sorry I can't remember anything more about them. Can you help me? Do you know if they're still in business? Thanks in advance.—Rusty

I think the catalog you are talking about is The Company of Women. The only reference I have to them is from 1994—102 Main Street; Post Office Box 742; Nyack, New York 10960-0742; #1-800-937-1193.

There are also other catalogues that may be of interest to you—they mostly deal with books and posters and things:

Women's History Catalog
National Women's History Project
7738 Bell Road
Windsor, CA 95492-8518
#(707) 838-6000

The Syracuse Cultural Workers
Art With Heart
Post Office Box 6367
Syracuse, New York 13217
#(315) 474-1132

You might also want to check out Feminist.com's selection of Women Owned Businesses. I hope this helps—and thanks in advance for supporting good causes and good work.—Amy

I've been spending endless days on the Internet trying to find grants to start my own business. I'm a single mom with three girls and have no money. I would like to start a business. I live in California. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Kris

For starters about getting money to start your own business, please contact:

  1. Women's Self-Employment Project
    166 West Washington; Chicago, IL 60602
  2. Ms. Foundation for Women
    120 Wall Street, 33rd Floor; New York, New York 10005
  3. WomenVenture
    2324 University Avenue St. Paul, MN 55114

Good luck and I hope these help —Amy


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