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I'm a senior at Tivy High School and am recently trying to accomplish a research paper on Betty Friedan. If you have any information, I'd gladly appreciate any help. Thank you. Sincerely, Amanda

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and good luck in advance on your reseach paper. To learn more about Betty Friedan you should: 1.) reference her books, especially, The Feminine Mystique; 2.) Contact the National Organization for Women, which Betty Freidan helped to found and of which she was its first president; 3.) Read and/or reference the Feminist Chronicles (by Toni Carabillo, Judith Meuli, and June Bundy Csida), which documents the feminist movement in the U.S. from 1953-1993. This book gives a lot of attention to NOW and to Betty Freidan; 4.) Read The Scholastic Encyclopedia of Women in the United States, which makes a few references to her; 5.) You might also want to the contact the National Women's Hall of Fame located in Seneca Falls, New York at 315-568-8060 and the National Women's History Project. This should be a start - good luck.

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