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My name is Shareen. I and some fellow classmates at Richmond High School in Richmond, Indiana are trying to put together a new club at the high school (Womyn in Action). We are wondering if you have any suggestions for topics that we could discuss or information. Also, we are wondering if you know of any women's conferences or activities that are occuring in our area that we could attend. Thank You, Shareen

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com and that is great news about "Womyn in Action". As for topics, it is usually good to start with what issues you and your friends and classmates might be dealing with in your own lives. This might be "women in sports"--it could also be frustration with the fact that the "elected officers" of your school are all or mostly boys and therefore you might want to consider "leadership" as a topic.

For more general topics, you could talk about mother/daughter relationships; mentoring; career choices. For more political topics: you could hold a "get out the vote" workshop. You could also lobby your English teachers to make sure that you read as many books by women as you do by men. You also might want to bring guest speakers in. I'm not sure how close Richmond is to Indianapolis, but the congresswoman from Indianapolis is great. I don't know about any conferences in your area, but if I hear of anything I can send it your way. You might also periodically check our Calendar of Upcoming Events. Good luck -- and let me know if you have more specific questions


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