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I'm working on a web based project for Kids.NRG concentrating on what defines Canada in the millenium. My focus is the fashion in Calgary and how its been influenced by other countries and styles. I'm trying to write about how "Barbie's" fashions have influenced young girls on how to dress and how Barbie gives them this unrealistic role model from an early age. I would greatly appreciate any information you could send or recommendations as too where to look further.

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and for attempting to shed some light on Barbie. Although I know all of Barbie's faults, I was a big fan, so I'm somewhat biased. I do agree that her actual body has had a negative impact on girls--and has presented an unrealistic role model. I don't, however, think that her "fashions" have had as great an influence on girls. Several months ago, they released a "new Barbie" in honor of her anniversary. At this time, there were several articles written on this topic, so a news search might lead you to some of these stories. Also, a less known fact--and I can't remember the specifics--is that the first Barbie was modeled after a German pornographic doll. Good luck.

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