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Subject: The Neutered Mother
Can someone give me a brief run down on what this book is about. I'm trying to comprehend this, but unfortunately I am not a woman studies major and I took this class to open up my eyes on other issues. I was asked to read this book and find it dificult to comprehend. If someone can help me, please resond. Thank you, Irma

Unfortunately, I have not read "The Neutered Mother" so I am not sure what it is about. However, given that "neutered" essentially means "genderless", I would assume that this book is getting at the idea that parenting should be a shared responsibility. Because parenting for the most part has been a "mother's" responsibility--(Have you ever heard a man ask how he can combine his career with parenting?)--perhaps this book is aspiring to look at parenting as the shared responsibility that it should be. Then again..... maybe I'll totally wrong.

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