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Hi, my name is Casondra. I am writing a paper for a soc. of gender class. The paper must be based on a quote written by Michael Messner "male domination of women may tie all men together, but man share unequally in the fruits of this domination". I was wondering if I could get some feedback on how you interpret this quote. Thank you for your time. I hope to hear from you soon.

That is a very odd quote--all I can do is add my two cents, so I hope that is helpful:

The quote is trying to make a distinction between the generalized "men/he" and the personalized "male/I." Often times when we--anyone--talk about the oppressions of women--which in itself if generalized--we refer to a generalized oppressor--i.e. society, patriarchy, men...In order to break away from this oppression, I think that we need to target specific oppressors--which could be men and women alike. By being specific, we, therefore, won't be overlooking those men who don't oppress women.

On another note, I think that more men need to remove themselves from this classification, i.e. "outing" themselves as feminists, by being more vocal about injustices that exist. With racism, we need white people to speak up--to show that it isn't just about non-whites. Equally to end sexism, men need to equally speak up and say "why are there only 9 female Senators out of 100?"


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