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Hi, my name is Casondra and I am in need of some help! I am writing a paper based on an article entitled "The Price Women Pay, Being Women" written by Judy Mann. It was written in the Washington Post. I am writing my paper on the price that men pay being men in economics, political, social, health, and education. I know one major discrimination between the two genders is the wage gap - I was wondering if I could get any feedback on your opinion on what you think the price for men is. Thank you very much for your time and I hope to hear from you soon.

I'm not familiar with the Judy Mann article you are talking about, but I will answer your question just the same, keeping in mind that these are personal opinions.

The Price Men Pay For Being Men:

1.) Economics--Because of the pay gap and because society still views men as the primary wage earners, men pay an enormous price--literally---for being seen as the sole financer of a family.

2.) Political--Men pay a huge price....as does everyone.....for having our politics dictated by a minority for the majority.

3.) In many instances men deprive themselves of healthy relationships resulting from an unequal relationship. They also are deprived in most cases of equal parenting roles. Many men also hurt themselves as the result of not taking a more active role to end racism, sexism, homophobia, thereby allowing us to generalize about "men." If more men dispelled the myth that "all men are against equality" -- these generalizations could no longer be made.

4.) Health wise, they are more likely to die younger because they assume too much "power" in life and are weighed down by it. If they weren't so consumed with being "successful" and "better" than they could perhaps live longer. As Gloria Steinem says......"feminism can actually increase the life expectancy of men by equalizing the pressure they put on their lives."

5.) Education......men pay an enormous price for only being taught "white man's history." By only learning about the accomplishments of "white men," men wrongly assume that they have to do it all. Also, education in general still puts a price--and a gender---on each subject area, so some men end up pursuing careers that aren't totally of their choosing. I hope the above helps--good luck.


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