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Hello there, I need a little help please. I would like to find out which famous actresses have feminist tendencies. Can somebody help me? Thanks a lot, Michal, Prague, Czech Republic, Europe

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and for your greetings all the way from the Czech Republic. I'm not an expert on actresses with feminist tendencies, but based on what I've seen and heard---on and off the screen, here are some thoughts:

Susan Sarandon...she has had some great empowered roles and off screen has done a lot of work to benefit women and girls, particularly through the feminist group MADRE.

Rosie O'Donnell.....her show says it all.

Blair Brown and Lee Grant...and both committed to feminist causes.

Meryl Streep does lots of work with mothers; Whoopi Goldberg does lots of work with girls; Bette Midler does work with all sorts of things and all of her roles are great.

Frances McDermott, who won the "Best Actress Oscar" this year...gave a very feminist speech.

I think Winona Ryder and Geena Davis might also fall under this category as would Janeane Garofalo and Drew Barrymore.

There are lots of others, too, but I hope this is a beginning. Good luck for whatever this is for.


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