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Hello! I am a 22-year-old student and I am doing a class presentation on a variety of feminist issues. I would like to find some way to involve the class (ie. game or questionnaire). If anyone could give me any suggestions or ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank You very much. - Leah

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I'm not up on any questionnaires or games, but I once attended a workshop that dealt with diversity and they did something that involved everyone in a way that was telling of what work needed to be done. It went something like this:

Have everyone line up on one side of the room. Ask ten questions (or more) to the class. For every "no" answer, the person takes a step forward. Sample questions are:

1.) Have you ever been treated differently because of the color of your skin?
2.) Did you grow up with a single parent?
3.) Have you ever felt ashamed of your body?
4.) Have you ever been told that you "aren't smart enough?"...

The idea is that those who stand at the front will be white, privileged, most likely heterosexual, able-bodied...and those staggering behind are those who have been limited.

There is also an "Identities Questionnaire." Make a list of identifiers and have everyone pick "three" that "are the most important to them":

Race, Color, Gender/Sex, Religion, Job Title, Health Status, Age, Ethnicity, Country of Origin, Disability, Martial Status, Family Composition, Economic Class/Background, Community where you live, Sexual Orientation, Physical Appearance, Community Where You Grew up, First language(s), Alcohol/substance abuse...

The idea is that most people choose those things that "limit them"--and together we realize that each of us has something that limits us. Maybe have your classmates do this and then call on a few people asking them what they chose and why. It would be a great discussion starter if nothing else.

There is also something called the "Assumption" game, but I don't remember the details...sorry. I hope these help.


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