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Why didn't you speak out against Clinton's scandal with Paula Jones? But you jumped all over Clarence Thomas? Think of what hypocrites you are. You wouldn't speak out against Clinton just because he's your friend. What do you really believe?

Thank you for your note to FEMINIST.COM - and I did note "jump[ed] all over Clarence Thomas" and I "didn't speak out against Clinton." What I think, since you asked, is that both Anita Hill and Paula Jones should have access to legislation that would have prevented sexual harassment in the first place, if that is what happened in either case. Since this is legislation that Clinton supports... I support him in this political stand. Since this is legislation that Thomas doesn't support...I don't support him politically. In an even more ideal world, I think that because men are the majority of those who perpetrate sexual harassment and women are the majority of those who are subjected to it...that at least as many men--as women--should be speaking out to prevent sexual harassment from ever being an issue. Maybe that's where you should be directing your energy.

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