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Hello, I have internalized sexism, and after reading letters from men about women's abilities and rights, a great feling of hope and inspiration came over me. I am 25, and do not want internalized sexism to get in the way of living a fullfilled life (and contributing more to society). Please tell me if there is a meeting of men in my area. I have tried to search myself, and have been unsuccessful. Also, I would like to participate in a consciousness raising group, where women talk about internalized sexism and leave feeling confident. I have been searching the Internet and cannot find a group in my area. I live in Garden Grove, CA. I would very much appreciate this if you could help me. I really need help. Thank you very much.

Thanks for your note and for taking the initiative toward living a life free of internalized--and external, too--sexism.

As for men's groups, I don't know about any in your exact geographic area, but there is a great group in Oakland, CA--the Oakland Men's Project, 449 Grand Avenue, Suite 320, Oakland, CA 94610--#510-835-2433. They do many workshops--and maybe can suggest ones in your area.

There is also a great feminist organizer--Jason Schultz based in SF. He has worked extensively on organizing men--both in the form of starting a group called Men Acting for Change, in North Carolina and in the form of a video--"The Color Of Fear"--where men grapple with issues of sexism, racism, etc..... You can reach Jason at: [email protected] and tell him that "Amy sent you."

One last suggestion is to check out FEMINIST.COM's list of Pro-Feminist Men's Groups for more resources.


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