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Hi! I am not sure where I should be sending this to discuss this question with somebody. I am looking at the contribution of feminist thought in helping us to better understand the relationship between literacy & low income families. How can the concepts of : a) voice, silence, dialogue; b) authority, empowerment; c) experience as knowledge be used to give a deeper understanding of literacy? - Rhonda, PhD Student in Education

Given that approximately 90% of those illiterate worldwide are women---illiteracy is a feminist issue. Also, since feminism is about having women's "voice" included in the dialogue at every level and in every forum, I know that literacy is at the forefront of many women's issues. Beyond that, I'm not sure what I can add to your discussion. There are several organizations that work with literacy, like Literacy Volunteers in New York City. Many of the people involved in this organization are women....maybe contacting them would be a good step. Sorry, I couldn't be of further assistance. Good luck.

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