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After sending for my son's full certificate I noticed it only asked for the father's occupation. All they want to know from women is what their maiden name is. Why don't they ask for women's occupations - after all there are plenty of successful women whose husbands stay home and look after the kids. I find this annoying no matter how trivial it may seem to some people. - Trisha

I can relate to the inequality that still exists around birth certificates. Until recently, a child automatically had to have the father's name if it were on the birth certificate--or it would be unofficially marked illegitimate. My mother left my father before I was born--and I have never known this man. Yet, when I was born, I had to take his name and then years later I had to go to court to legally change my name to my mothers.

I say this all as a way of saying that this changed, so I'm hopeful that the state and federal governments will soon wake up to the occupation unfairness, too. To speed up this process, I want to encourage you to write to the birth certificate department and share your disappointment. It's likely that they aren't even aware of how unfair this is. Thanks again for your note.


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