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Hello! I'm Daise, a Brazilian student who is writing a dissertation on John Steinbeck. I'm taking a course on feminism, and I'm delighted with the new perspectives the feminist approach has made possible in literature. I'd like to know if we can exchange any information on this issue. I thank you so much. Hope to hear from you soon.

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com--and for finding us all the way from Brazil. I am not familiar with any overt connections between John Steinbeck and feminism--however, after reading your question I realized that I have always considered his work feminist, so I tried to think about why that was. And I think that the most obvious link between Steinbeck and feminism is his characters--the majority of his characters are those members of society who have been looked over (Charly, the Judes, etc...) because they are poor, rural, illiterate, and disabled, etc... So I think this focus is what makes his work feminist--as feminism is also about looking to those people who have been looked over. Of course, this isn't answer isn't coming from feminist literarcy criticism, but from my own opinion. Nonetheless I hope it helps. Good luck on your work.

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