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My name is Angelika. I am from Germany. I want to stay here in the USA and I want to live here with my girlfriend. The problem: How to get the visa? We cannot marry, as man and woman could. To find a company who sponsors me is difficult as well. Although I have my 'Master Degree in Communications' and a lot of working-experience in writing, fund-raising, project-management and public relations mainly in the TV-business and theatre. Do you have an idea what I/we can do? Thanks for your help, Angelika

I actually recieved a similiar note a few months ago--this couple was dealing with the same issue (one partner was from Australia and the other the United States). When I received that note I asked around and the one response I consistently got was that you could adopt each other. Apparently that has been a strategy used over the years. (I say apparently because I haven't heard of this directly working, only indirectly.) I hope that helps -- one more reason to legalize gay marriage

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