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Hey, my name is Jenna; I'm 14 and I need some ideas. In history class we're doing presentations, and my project is on WOMEN'S RIGHTS/ISSUES. And we have to present our project to the class for the entire 45 minutes of the class, but we can't just stand up there and read our notes. So I'm wondering if you could help me with some ideas for activities. Also I was wondering if you knew any good sites for my information since I can't find any that has the info I need. Thanks a lot, Jenna

Here are some ideas for your presentation:

1.) Pretend that you are Bella Abzug--or really any congressperson, and that you are lobbying before Congress on why they need to provide more scholarship money to students (or choose another issue that you care about or that effects your life).

2.) Make everyone in the classroom pretend that they are a person of the opposite gender--boys become girls and vice versa. Then ask them what they want to be when they grow up. Then let them be their real gender and ask them the same question. Are the answers different? If yes, explain why that is--a sexist society still presumes that women can do some jobs and men others.

3.) Pretend that you are the first woman president--and that you were elected in 2000--how different would the world look.

I hope those help and I hope I'm not too late.


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