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My name is Kelly and I am a second year nursing student. For one of our assignments we are asked what is femininity? Is it only for women? And do you agree that femininity has been a great handicap to women, why / why not? Appreciate your response, Kelly

I actually think of "femininity" as a quality (like intellect) that is not dependent on gender. However, the root of the word and the way society as stereotyped it certainly implies that it is more for women than for men. In fact, when men have been labeled feminine for the most part that is another way of saying they are gay. I think this is society's problem though, not the word.

I think that each invididual is capable of being feminine, but first we have to ascertain what that is--for most people it means soft spoken, calm, beautiful, sweet, gentle, etc....basically qualities that have traditionally been stereotyped to be for women. I think the only way that it has been a handicap to women is that it is prescribed to us rather than chosen by us--and it's a further disadvantage that it is seen as for women only. Does that help?


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