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Greetings! I live in Eugene, Oregon and am currently attending Lane Community College. My goal is to transfer to a four year University in the Fall of 2000. After staying home for 20 years raising my children, I have limited skills and knowlege. However, after realizing religion, marriage, etc all let me down I am finding my salvation in school. I am now 40 and want to get on with my life. My goal is to get a Bachelors in English and teach English in other countries. Do you know of any funds or a Scholarship program for women who are 'displaced'? I would appreciate a reply! Thank You! Susan

Thanks for your note. I have actually received a few queries from students who are in a similiar situation to you--older students returning to school and in need of scholarship money. Given this frequent request I always keep my eyes out for things in this area. However, I haven't been that successful. There is a group on Long Island, New York called Grandma Winifred's which specifically funds women over 50--and scholarships have been among the things they have awarded. There are also group such as the Grey Panthers (based in Philadephia, PA) and the Older Women's League (chapters in every state)--whose focus is older women, and therefore, they might have resources. However, you seem to be too young for these funds, and yet, too old for funds such as the Third Wave Foundation, which funds women up to age 30.

One organizations that doesn't have age cutoffs or beginnings is the Astraea National Lesbian Action Foundation. As I understand, one not need to be a lesbian to apply. Besides that, I'm afraid I don't have any suggestions, but perhaps your college will. I hope someone catches on soon to the fact that this a funding gap--and, therefore, makes it a priority.

Good luck -- and congratulations for this latest transition in life.


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