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Hello, my name is Mike and I am doing a debate on legalized prostitution that goes on in Nevada. I am a student in California, and I want to prove that legalizing prostitution does benefit any of the women involved in prostitution. It would be of great help if you can send me some statistics showing crime rate and HIV, and STD occurence for the state of Nevada where prostitution is legal. I plan on comparing those statics to where prostitution is illegal. I am hoping the results will show that crime and HIV transmisson is still high even though it is legalized. I would greatly appreciate your assistance. If you are unable to assist me, do know of any other special interest groups against prostitution?

Thanks for your note. Personally, I agree that if prostitution was legalized it would actually present a better situation for the prostitutes. For instance, it would be the women commiting the illegal acts and leaving the men who prostitute the women free and clear of this reputation. Furthermore, it would require greater education as well as medical coverage. For your debate, I actually think a better comparison, would be to look at The Netherlands, where prostitution is legal, accepted and in return, the women are freer from disease and even ridicule.

To get statistics for the different states, you have to contact the Center for Disease Control, which is the branch of the U.S. government that keeps this information. To look specifically at Nevada compared to a place like New York--you should contact the Center for Disease Control or the Department of Health and Human Services in each state. Also, you could contact the consulate or embassy for The Netherlands, to see about comparable statistics there.

There are groups that are working to legalize prostitution. In New York City, there is a group called POWDER and another called PONY. Perhaps contact them to learn what their argument is.


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