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I am writing a research paper on beauty pageants and feminism - unfortunatley I am not finding many resources. Please suggest some articles, Internet sites etc. Thank you.

Thanks for your note. Unfortunately, your note got cut off, so all I know is that you are looking for some research related to beauty pageants and feminism. Hmmm..... Historically, you might be referring to the 1968 Miss America Pageant in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where radical feminists protested the contest. They marched outside and put feminine products (girdles, women's magazines, etc....) into a Freedom Trash can--freeing themselves from these expectations.

Then and now, feminists have had an odd interest in the pageant--which is that beauty pageants remain the scholarship funding for women. So, on one hand, they have the potential to improve women's lives. On the other hand, they perpectuate myths about women's lives--i.e. what they should be, rather than what they might be.

The feminist perscription for beauty pageants probably boils down to the fact, that until they are equal (i.e. until they are the biggest source of scholarship for men)--then they will need to feminized or eliminated.


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