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I am doing a report on the effects of title nine, and women in sports. I am determined to prove that the woman's sports movement has come a long way and can go farther. If I could animate how much woman's sports have changed over the decades, I may be able to move up to compete in the history fair at the national level, and thus have the chances to enlighten others. I need all the feedback I can get - info, sites, personal narratives, etc. Any help from you would be so greatly appreciated, and your site would be noted as the top source in my bibliography. Thank you so very much.

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. The attention and respect that the Women's World Cup received in the summer of 1999 is only one visible example of how much women have been able to achieve in sports since Title IX. The best place to learn more about women and sports--the successes and the hurdles still left--is through the Women's Sports Foundation.

There is also a book out called: Whatever It Takes: Women on Women's Sports edited by Joli Sandoz and Joby Winans, which is a series of essays by different women about their involvement in sports. I hope that helps you make it to the national level. Feel free to write back if you need more information. Good luck


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