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Hello, I am doing my essay about money and marriage...and feminists argue that husband and wife have different access to resources (money) and why this occurs and what are the consequenses? Tanya, England, U.K

Thanks for your note. As long as their is 1.) a pay gap--on average women still earn only 75 cents to the male dollar and 2.) a concentration of women in lower wage jobs and men in higher wage jobs--if you look at most professions that are more than 70% male (garbage collecting, being a doorman, being a stock broker) these are much higher paid than those professions that are more than 70% female (child care worker, nurse, social worker)--then husbands will have access to more money--on average--than their wives. Of course, there is the added stigma that women aren't "as good at math than men"--so finances remain unnecessarily in the hands of the males.

Also, if you look at inheritance--there is still a pattern of men claiming and using their inheritances and women saving it or only using it in a manner that someone else deems appropriate.

Good luck and I hope that helps.


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