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Hi, I'm a student researching a paper for my Revolutionary Tradition and European Feminism class, and I need to find info. on Mary Daly (the professor who recently prohibited men from enrolling in one of her classes because she feared that their presence would inhibit the women of the class from saying how they really felt). Do you know who I am talking about? I am really going crazy trying to find her! It was very recently in the news, so she has not been mentioned in any books, at least that I have found. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me! great site! - Deanna

Thanks for your note. I am familiar with the work of Mary Daly and specifically with the current case you are referring to. Mary Daly is a professor at Boston College, in Boston, MA--which is where this incident took place. Besides being a professor, she has written many books on feminist philosophy.

As for the current case there are really two cases: 1.) the case against her for not allowing men in her classes--though she does offer to teach men separately from women. I guess that would be considered separate but equal. 2.) her case against the college for removing her belongings, etc... without permission/notification.

Ms. Magazine did an interview with her a few issues back as did the magazine What is Enlightenment? I suggest you try to get a hold of these articles. Also, just call the college directly for a bio.


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