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I am a student and I am having difficulty finding examples of "feminist photography"... can you help?

Thanks for your message to FEMINIST.COM. I am actually a friend of Amy's (not "Ask Amy" herself), but I'm responding because I know more about photography than she does. I'm writing this off the top of my head, so I may not be remembering names and titles perfectly, but here are some books to look for:

  • A History of Women Photographers, by Naomi Rosenblum is a good general history with a chapter on feminist photographers

  • Camera Fiends and Kodak Girls, Volumes I and II, anthology of primary sources regarding women in the medium

  • A New History of Photography, by Micheal Frizot - I haven't read this yet (except for the introduction), and it's not on feminist photographers, but it looks to me to be a more sophisticated general history of photography which might point you in some interesting directions.

  • An author to keep your eyes peeled for is Abigail Solomon-Godeau, who is a feminist theorist and photo historian who teaches at UC Santa Barbara.

Also, there is an anthology of essays on feminist photography whose title escapes me. If you also want to tell me a little more about your interests, I might be able to point you to some more specific texts, or even suggest some specific photographers to look at.

Good luck, Elizabeth Birdsall


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