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To whom it may concern (which is all women); I recently read Susan Moller Okin's "The Family: Beyond Justice?". I was very excited by her essay, but a couple of questions were pointed out to me that I would like some help in finding the answer to: First, where can I find an answer, not just a critic, of how women and men should relate/interact with one another? Second, what is the underlying theory of justice in the above answer, if it is not based on a theory of nature, such as that of Rousseau? I will continue to look on my own, but would certainly appreciate some help. Thank you, Kori

I don't think there is only one way that men and women should interact with/relate with one another. As every person - male and female - is extremely different - and the many characteristics that we possess as individuals are not based on gender, but on our personalities and the experiences we have had, which could be based on our gender, but are also often shaped by our race, class, ability, etc.....

I think that to answer the second question - in line with my thinking above - is that this justice is based on an understanding on these differences as well as these similarities.

Reading some other articles might help you to understanding different reasons, too. Deborah Tannen wrote You Just Don't Understand and bell hooks has written many articles which point to this same discussion. Good luck and I hope this helps.


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