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Hi, my name is Katie and I am looking for information for my university assignment. The information I am looking for concerns the relationship between witchcraft and feminism (both as subversive movements)and the portrayal of this on films. If you have any information on this or know of any books that deal with this topic that would be great! Thanks for your help, Katie

Thanks so much for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I know of a few books that tackle feminism and witchcraft--mostly Margot Adler's book on the topic. Robin Morgan's book The Deamon Lover, includes some historical information on this, too. Also, the current--Oct./Nov.--issue of Ms. Magazine, has some articles on this very topic. Specific to how witchcraft is portrayed in film....hmmmm..... the short answer is innaccurate and not good. Ms. covers this briefly. If you can't find the magazine, I'd be happy so mail/fax to you--just send me appropriate contact information. Good luck -- and I hope this isn't coming too late for your project

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