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Are there any women organizations or groups for women who have been swindled or conned by men? I mean where women have become destitute because of these actions by men, whether these men were the husbands, boyfriends or whatever the relationship might have been between the woman and the man. Thank you, Kay

Have you considered that on average when women and men divorce -- women's lifestyles drop by 30%, while men's increase? That's swindling of sorts. Also, there are many women who are destitute not directly because of men, but because of a system that prioritizes men over women. For instance--again on average--men earn 30% more than women in social security. This isn't enough for either of them to live off of, but so much so that it bankrupts many a woman who doesn't have other support. Also, the fact that women are 90% of those living on welfare--seems like some sort of conning.

I'm not sure exactly what answer your question intended, but hopefully this is something. Good luck - Amy

P.S.: After sending that response, I read a review of Susan Griffin's new book What Her Body Thought: A Journey into the Shadows (HarperSanFrancisco, 1999). The book is specifically about her fight with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but more widely about how women are one health crisis away from destitution. It seemed apropos to your query. I hope you enjoy


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