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I have a paper to write on the sexual harrassment in the play Oleanna. I am in an English 102 class at the College of Charleston....please email me ideas on a thesis, and let me know of any sites I could use as my source. Thanks!

Thanks for your note. Everyone I know who saw Oleana had a completely different reaction. (It's been over 5 years since I saw it, so I may be mis remembering it.) For instance, I remember going and thinking that both characters were wrong--1.) he--as the teacher--was wrong to make her--his student--feel uncomfortable, compromised, vulnerable. 2.) she was wrong for not reporting it or doing anything besides going to her "group." Sexual harasement laws are there for people to put them to use--so that's what she should have done. Conversly, feminism is there to do away with sexual harassment altogether--to create a climate where a teacher would never think he/she could get away with such a thing.

Given my reaction and everyone I know--I think your best bet is to follow your own instincts on the play.


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