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Hello, my name is Graša, I am from Brazil. I work with a feminist group and we are asking you if you could tell us Internet sites that study compulsory heterosexuality and lesbian continuum. We are particulary interested to read the works of Charlotte Bunch and Katherine Arnup. Here in Brazil we can not find their publications, and that's why we are asking for the Internet sites. Thank you very very much. Best wishes, Graša

I'm not sure about lesbian/heterosexual websites. I imagine there must be something on the web from the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force and/or the International Lesbian and Gay Human Rights Commission. Both are very active groups based in the United States - the former in Washington, DC and the latter in San Francisco, CA. There is also GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) and LAMBA Legal Defense & Education Fund. Both work more specifically around legal issues.

I am familiar with the work of Charlotte Bunch who works with the Center for Women's Global Leadership. I am not familiar with Katherine Arnup.

Some good books on this topic are: Urvashi Vaid - Virtual Equality, Anchor Books and Torie Osborn, Coming Home to America, St. Martin's Press. Visit the Feminist.com Bookstore for these books and other ideas.


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