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I am currently a student as Carleton University and I am writing a paper on the Feminist Theory of Law. I am looking for a significant figure who helped create or enforce the Feminist Theory of Law. For example, Thomas Hobbes helped create Utilitarianism. Is there any information you can give me regarding a significant woman or even any more information on this subject. Thank you for your time and your assistance. Sincerely, Chantal

Thanks for your note. I don't know if there is any one individual who has been the most significant to the Feminist Theory of Law, but rather several feminists who have excelled at including women in different areas of the law--for instance reproductive freedom (which Francis Kissling at Catholics for a Free Choice and anyone at the Center for Reproductive Law & Policy do) or sexual harassment (where there are experts such as Catharine Mackinnon--Univ. of Michigan Law School--and Vicki Schultz--Yale University Law School).

There is also a one-of-a-kind program at the University of Cincinnati Center for Women's Studies, which is the only university to have a joint degree with a College of Law, JD, and Women's Studies, MA. So, I would start with them.


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