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I am looking for a place to discuss ways to help female college students who come to me for help with the society and culture they live in. I am an English teacher, a Feminist, a former activist; the young women in my college classes know they can come to me with their issues. But I am becoming worn down with the knowledge of the horrors they face on a daily basis. I need other women to share my distress and concerns with--some insights into how to help them, too. Can you help? Thanks, Sharon,
Buffalo, New York

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I could relate to the concern/frustration/desperation you expressed in your email, as I often feel like I am the sounding board for many women, including women in college.

As I think you were saying, it's not that I mind, I just worry that they have 1.) such few outlets and 2.) that each individual woman still feels so alone. So besides offer that they can come to me, too, which they can, how about instituting a once a month "women's issues groups," which would be just an informal chat session. It could be to offer coffee and informal to break down the pressure of having to "share." Perhaps you could talk to the students about instituting it.

If that's not what you had in mind let me know--also always know that you can send them to FEMINIST.COM, too.


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