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Hi, I'm an MA student based in Glasgow, I'm doing some research at the moment on feature length Disney cartoons of the late 80's, on the premise that they are fundamentally texts of the anti feminist backlash. I need some info. on the backlash post emancipation, in the late 20's and 30's- is there anyone out there who can help/ give addresses of web-sites, articles etc? Any help will of course be credited. Anyone who wants to help me send Snow White to the cleaners, please contact me. Cheers - Frances

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. While I'm all for taking Disney to the cleaners, I have two opinions about your email:

1.) While I agree that the Disney cartoons of the late 80's could be interpreted as an anti-feminist backlash, I have heard they are really about what was happening internally at Disney at that time--i.e. hostile take overs. Basically the same premise of an anti-feminist backlash with different incentives and wished-for outcomes.
2.) I don't think that an anti-feminist backlash is the best way to characterize the 20's and 30's. I actually think that what was happening then is similar to what is happening now within feminism. And, yes, a backlash--the post-war era of the 20s and 40s and the Reagan era of the 80s--was a piece of the puzzle, but more characteristic of what was happening is that feminism was more focused on individual/sub-issues. For instance, the birth control movement then and the domestic violence movement today. It's a time of specific battles.

I hope that helps--and I hope that Disney gets what it deserves.


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