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I saw Mary Daly on the "Today" show this morning. She is sueing Boston College for wrongful termination because she teaches men and women separately and refuses to allow men into the same classroom at the same time as women when she teaches. I am surprised I couldn't find anything on the issue when I did a search...maybe I just didn't search far enough. What I want to do is email a message of support for her and her position. Any suggestions or an email address would be helpful.

She handled the interview with rarely seen restraint and intelligence. She claimed the moral and intellectual high ground with well articulated explanations and academic tolerance which allows all sides to reveal themselves and the listener to come to her/his own conclusion...regardless of what that may be. - Bree

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and for your support of Mary Daly--who certainly needs it. I'm glad that she was on the "Today Show"--and that people are now beginning to talk about it in the context of "wrongful termination"--rather than what she did.

To learn more about what you could/should do, I suggest you contact Mary's attorney: Gretchen Van Ness, 44 School Street, Suite 510, Boston, MA 02108; (617) 723-5060; fax (617) 723-6545. Also, there was a piece about her case in the June/July issue of Ms. Magazine.


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