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I am a senior at the University of Delaware. I am currently taking a History of Photography course and have a paper. I've decided to write about women and the history of photography but the little information I have found is very general and I'm having problems narrowing my topic. Could you direct me to web sites or books (hopefully available through the library) that could help me out? I've tried looking through the National Women's History Project, but I didn't find enough information. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! - Carolyn

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. Since my friend Elizabeth is more expert than I on the history of photography I asked her to answer this one, which she did. Thanks - Amy

"The best general source for women in photography is by Naomi Rosenblum, called (I think) "Women in the History of Photography". There are also some more specific texts, which I'd be happy to point you towards, but this is probably a good starting point.

Is there a particular photographer you're looking at, or is your theme more generally about how women have worked in the medium? There are loads of wonderful female artists in the history of photography, as well as those currently working --- I'd be happy to correspond with you on this, but would like to know a little more about your interests before I send you a ton of info you don't want. I own Rosenblum's book as well as some anthologies of essays which might be helpful. If you have trouble getting sources from the UDEL library, and can't get them through inter-library loan, perhaps we can work something out with me sending you xeroxes (this might pose a copyright problem, but we'll cross that bridge if we get to it); though I would hope the books would be pretty readily available. I'm really enthusiastic about the topic you've chosen, so if you want further advice or the titles of some other sources, please let me know. I hope it's OK that Amy forwarded your email to me, but this is a topic she knew I'd be able to address better than she."

Regards, Elizabeth C. Birdsall
Charlottesville, VA

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