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I'm a 22 yr old woman that is very VERY concerned with the new California Prop. 209 that was just recently passed into existence... Do you have any opinions about this prop. and how it is this going to affect me in my daily existence? Thank you for your time, Karen

I don't know much about specifics, but I do know that it was "bad" even with Prop. 209, so I can only imagine that it will be worse without it. Unfortunately, it will also set a precedent that other states might want to follow. For more details and to find out how to get involved to prevent it from getting worse, you should contact:

1.) The Campaign to Defeat 209
2.) The Feminist Majority Foundation.

Both organizations actively organized against the prop. prior to the elections. Since the elections should be a "beginning" not an "end," I am hopeful that their work will continue.


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