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I am doing a research paper and need as much info as I can get about the Equal Rights movement and Jane Fonda's involvement with it. Any information you can give will be greatly appreciated. Thank You - Margaret

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. Aerobics videos aside, I think that Jane Fonda has always been minimally involved in the women's rights movement. She was a great friend of Bella Abzug's and via that relationship and due to her own initiation, she was active politically in the fight for the ERA. Most recently she has been involved with the women's movement via the girls empowerment movement and via the United Nations--specifically UNIFEM. You should contact them directly to learn about what specifically she has done.

She also does a lot of work via the Atlanta Women's Fund. In the current issue of Modern Maturity, Gloria Steinem says: "I don't know how to say this, but look at Jane Fonda. She is someone whose father was not absent physically, but who apparently was quite distant and cold, and she has not apparently overcome that. I say this from a distance. My heart goes out to her. She had done many, many good things and does ever more. She runs projects in Atlanta with teenage girls and teen-pregnancy prevention. But I have the feeling, I've never had this conversation with her--that she is amazed when women survive and are happy without men. It's presumptuous of me to feel sad on her behalf, but sometimes I do. She's reinvented herself before, Maybe there will be yet another--as a free old woman."

To learn more specifically, perhaps you could call the above mentioned groups and/or Jane Fonda's office at CNN in Atlanta. Good luck.


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