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Hey, am I the only one who gets so frustrated w/ sports that they want to cry? There is no woman's professional soccer team. Woman can't play baseball after they are 15 and they usually can't play football at all. Do you know why? Because nobody would go to the games. They wouldn't be able to support themselves. There is a way to fix that. Encourage women to go to WNBA games whenever they can. To go to women's soccer games whenever they can and to encourage women to play and watch sports. There is no hope for playing in the world series in the future if women don't support women's sports. Please write back. I am extremely frustrated!

Thanks so much for your note to FEMINIST.COM--and I want to assure you that you aren't the only one who is frustrated with the lack of attention women's sports gets. I actually just bought tickets to the women's world cup--and I'm a huge fan of the WNBA, so I'm doing my best to support women's sports.

A note of encouragement that things will probably change is that--not too long ago--there wasn't even a WNBA. I think that once we see what is possible--it happens. Of course, it takes a few years to catch up to speed, but then it seems normal, natural. Think of women's tennis--now it's natural to see women compete at the same level as men. So, have faith that things will continue to change for the better. To hurry that process along--I'll keep doing my part and encourage others to do the same too. I hope that helps


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