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My name is Jessica, and I am a junior at POBJFK HS. I am doing a report on women's rights issues through history, and how the legal system has helped / hindered it. If you can give me any information, or refer me to a place that could, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. The legal system has both helped and hindered women's rights. For instance, women need legal standing and legal precedences in order to pursue their rights. We need a legal right to sue for job discrimination, which is based on our gender. (Other legal rights include--the right to a fair divorce, custody, to a fair trial, etc...).

However, the laws are only as good as individuals can make them out to be. Even though we have these laws--1.) they aren't always accessible to all women. Some women are hindered because of education/illiteracy, others because of economic status. 2.) they aren't always practiced in the best faith. Even though we have anti-sex discrimination laws, women are still being discriminated against in the first place and in too many cases--women aren't given a fair trial. The system works against them. I hope that helps


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