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Hi. My name is Moira and I am entering my sophomore year at high school. I am involved in many extracurricular activities at my school, but above all my favorite is the Forensic (Speech) Team. As a freshman I received 11th place at the State Championships by reciting a ten minute cutting of Virginia Woolf's "A Room of One's Own", and I am searching for an equally powerful speech to use next year in competition. Please send me any suggestions you may have. Thank you and just let me commend you on your excellent site.

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and congratulations on your placement in your state's Forensic Championships. I am a big fan of Virginia Wolf's--so I wish that I could have been there to watch you read it. Have you ever heard about Sojourner Truth's speech --Ain't I A Woman - we have it posted here at the site and I think that would be equally powerful. You can find information about this and other speeches by going to the National Women's History Project. Also, at here at FEMINIST.COM we have a section called Articles and Speeches, which includes some other women's speeches. I hope this helps. Good luck - and I hope you win again.

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