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My name is Dan. I am ressearching an essay I am writing on sex, sexuality and sexism in the music industry throughout the years. If you have any information on the subject I would be eternaly grateful. Thank you very much for your time and keep fighting as one day true equality will exist.

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com. For "sexism in the music industry," hmm....I know that Ms. Magazine has done a few articles on this, including some by Evelyn MacDonald who also wrote a book something to the effect of "Women in Rock". A few years ago, I also remember Sony presenting a panel on sexism in the music industry. I remember that the Indigo Girls were on the panel. Besides that my mind draws a blank. I also know that this summer the Indigo Girls and others organized a tour, "The Suffragists", which included all women bands not just women vocalists. I think it was in response to women being promoted as the vocalists, but rarely as the musicians or the lyricists and definitely not the executives.

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