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I am getting married next year and plan to keep my last name. Looking into the future, I have a concern about what last name our children will take. Could you give me some examples of what other people do in this case? Thank you for your time. - Leah

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. As for naming children--in my experience everyone does something different. For instance, one couple gave the baby her family name--because she is Indian and he is anglo. Because the baby was 1/2 Indian they wanted to give the baby some ethnic identity. I have another friend who gave the baby her last name--because her husband's last name is his father's last name and he hates his father. She's really close to her father and mother. I know of lots of other couples who named the baby his last name. I know a few who have made up a mutual last name and I know many who have hyphenated.

I personally don't know what I will do. I have my mother's last name--when I was born I was given my father's name because his name was on my birth certificate. However, I don't know my father, so when I was six I went to court and changed my last name to my mother's last name. For that reason--and purely because I'm invested in my name I personally will never change my name. Until recently I was adamant that my kids would have my name. However, my boyfriend's last name is Garcia and given the scenario I laid out above, maybe they should have his last name given the ethnic connection. I just don't know. My advice is to think about -- and even if you choose to give your child your husband's last name--it will be a choice and not a must.

Good luck and congrats on the wedding.


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