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I am doing a research paper on the topic of the sexual revolution and its implication on college women today. Is 'sexual freedom' more or less oppressive for women today? Anyone have any thoughts?

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. Unfortunately, I don't think women have really had a sexual revolution yet. If we had had a sexual revolution--reproductive freedom would be a given, people wouldn't confuse sex with conception, a Surgeon General wouldn't be asked to step down for talking about masturbation, and teenage girls wouldn't be called "sluts" while the teenage boys who victimized them are called cool.

Given that--yes, I think women have more sexual freedom today compared to 30 years ago. However, because women have had these few gains it means that the Catholic Church and the oppressive forces are out to get them, so the potential for these rights to be withered away is great.

Sorry I couldn't give you a a more definitive answer. Perhaps you could look at the book of Susie Bright or Betty Dodson.


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