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I am in the process of doing a research paper on polygamy in the state of Utah. From a sociological stand point I am looking for specifics on radical feminism as it relates to polygamy. Please let me know if you can direct me to a source for this. Thanks, Barbara

I think that your question--about radical feminism and it's take on polygamy is complicated--because in Utah polygamy is directly related to the Mormon church, Therefore it's hard to make blanket statements about polygamy without making statements about Mormonism. In a basic sense, I think that feminists can't support polygamy--because it is a gender biased in and of itself. Specifically it is only about men have multiple wives, not women having multiple husbands. So on that priniciple alone it is biased and sexist. Also, the notions behind polygamy imply "possession" of women as wives--and that, too, is not a feminist perspective. Does that help? I hope so

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