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About 15 years ago someone, maybe Camille Paglia, suggested that women woud achieve true equality with when they fully achieved their own maturity sexually. As I recall, this essay or concept was an endorsement of women achieving full sexually-active lives.

Whether you agree with this or not, could you source this, or similar statements, for me or link me to someone who could. I would enjoy reading it again. Thank you for your attention, JMS

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. Unfortunately, I don't have a source for the quote you are trying to find. However, I do want to add my two cents to that quote.

While I think that women and men do need to achieve equality in their sex lives--i.e. it being mutuality not domination--I also think that this won't bring the end of inequality. For instance, this sexual equality only gets us so far without the reproductive freedom--the right to reproduce or not to reproduce and the right to be free from sexually transmitted diseases--that must go along with it to may it truely equal sex.

Also, we won't be equal until all forms of sex are recognized as "legitimate" for instance, all sodomy laws done away with. Either Congress has to stay out of our bedrooms entirely or they need to make sure that we have enough legal footing and information to be equal in our bedrooms


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