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I'm a student at Princeton University and I'm writing my senior thesis about Feminist Organizations and their views on welfare reform with reference to the three schools of feminist thought. In addition to identifying each organizations approach to welfare reform, I trying to correlate their views with liberal, socialist and radical feminism. I'm writing to find out if there is someone that I may contact about getting some specific information about Feminist.com and their approach to welfare reform or someone to whom I may ask some questions. Could you please let me know who I should contact or if possible send me some information. I very much appreciate any help that you can provide. Again thank you for your assistance. Sincerely, Adrienne

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. Unfortunately, though, I don't think we can help with your thesis. We don't have a "party line" on welfare reform. The best way to assess our "approach" is really to look at the work being done by the organizations we host and link to. Although we can't help you directly, there are three people in particular that I want to recommend you talk to:

1.) Gwendolyn Mink, who is a professor of politics at the University of CA, Santa Cruz. She has written numerous articles on this topic--for Sojourner and other publications.
2.) Martha Davis--who is at the NOW Legal Defense and Education Fund. They have initiated a specific "response" program to welfare reform.
3.) Theresa Funicello, who is the author of Tyranny of Kindness: Dismantling the Welfare System to End Poverty in America , which chronicles what welfare reform should really look like.

I hope that helps, but please write back if you need further suggestions.


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