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I am student at Sussex Technical High School in Georgetown, DE. As a soon graduating senior I was shocked and angered to hear that all females in our senior class will be required to wear a dress. While the males in our class are not. Not only, are we not given the option to wear dress slacks, we will be removed from the ceremony if our attire does not fit their standards. As a senior girl I feel that this is a direct insult against my freedom of choice and the rights granted to me by the government. Soon I will take this issue before the school board to try to change this ridiculous tradition and to ensure that girls that graduate after me will be given the choice. I feel that I should absolutely not have to decide between compromising my values or walking with my class. I am in the top of my class and I consider it an honor to have my family and friends watching me gradutate; however, I cannot submit to a rule that I feel is wrong, if I do not have the choice to wear or to not wear a dress, I will choose not to walk with my class. Since that would be a unfair to me and my family I am asking for your help in fighting this sexist and offensive school rule. Thank you for your time and effort. Sincerely, Lisa

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM. I apologize for being tardy in my response. My only hope is that in this lag time, you have already solved your problem. If I were on your school board, I would support you 100%, not only because I agree with you, but because you were so articulate and passionate in your argument. If you are back to square one, here are some suggestions of how to help:

1.) Ask students in your school to sign a petition in opposition to the dress code.

2.) In addition to the above you might want to try to get some teachers on your side.

3.) You might want to get some parents invovled. Call a "town meeting" and ask for their support.

4.) You should take this position both to the prinicipal, school board, and also to the PTA.

5.) One of the best ways to put pressure on your school to at least listen to you is to take it to the media. Write a letter to your local paper.

How does all of that sound? Let me know if you need more suggestions or if you need me to elaborate on these suggestions. Also, let me know what happens.


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