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I am a female and a law student. I am currently writing a book on Feminist Liberation Theology and the Law. You should seriously consider putting Feminist Liberation Theology on this site. Feminist Liberation Theology is the belief that men wrote the Bible and that it must be interpreted with this already male bias approach. But, many theologians believe that Jesus was a feminist and that Christianity should be grounded in this. I am currently researching spiritual/feminine references in the Bible, Jesus as a feminist, and how the laws regarding rape, marital rape, prostitution, and welfare are bias toward male beliefs.

Thanks for your note to FEMINIST.COM and for your work on Feminist Liberation Theology. As you can see from past Q&A's at Ask Amy--the question of balancing one's feminism and one's religion has come up frequently. I often cite the example of Francis Kissling--who is president of Catholics for a Free Choice among many other things. She has gone back to original Catholic doctrine to point out that the text isn't too bad--it's the interpreters (i.e. The Vatican) who have led us astray. With her work and yours--feminists can begin to find their place in their various religions (or not if the case may be.) In terms of helping, right now I think that your example is helping.

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