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I am a twenty four-year-old college student (theater major) who has been asked to come up with a string of monologues that would be suitable for me to audition with. Unfortunately most younger women's monologues are often written for the "ingenue" or "sweet girlish thing." And, well, I'm just not that! Would you be able to suggest any monologues for a younger woman who doesn't fit the "ingenue" stereotype, but is too young to look right doing monologues written for older women? (In my opinion, these roles get written better because they're more true to that woman, and don't try to gloss her over with the falsified prettiness that is expected and encouraged of younger women.) Any ideas?

Thanks for your note to Feminist.com. As you will see from the Feminist.com site, we were involved with a performance of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues. (for more info, see the V-Day site). A start for monologues might be with these monologues, which you can order from the Feminist.com bookstore. Otherwise, I have a great friend who is an actress and who is a young women. I'm going to forward your note along to her (her name is Tanya) to see if she has further recommendations--which I imagine she will. Another thought is that you could write your own monologue--perhaps about how you were driven to write your own monologue, because everything you found wasn't appropriate for you. I vote for this last suggestion and I bet that this one would go on to provide material for other young women, too.

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