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Hey Amy,

I think your website is great! It's helped me so much in so many ways. Thank you so much for making it.

I do have a question for you though. I want to study women studies as my major in college. I want this, because I want to be able to help women and all human beings actually, in any way shape or form. Even if it's working for a women's center for a college. I really enjoy women's studies and love learning new things about it... is this the right major for me? And do you know any colleges with good women studies programs?

Thank you,




Dear Jessie,

I'm lucky to spend a good deal of my time on various college campuses and so I get a good sense of what colleges have good Women's Studies Departments. For instance, Univ. of Michigan is great and comprehensive; St. Mary's of Moraga, CA is smaller, but very good; most schools within WI have good programs. Not sure wher exactly you are looking.

That said, however, I think it's more important to spend your undergraduate years getting a good education, regardless of the discipline -- it's about learning how to learn rather than what you learn. I hope that makes sense -- let me know if you need more suggestions.


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