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Dear Amy,

I am in the process of looking at different colleges. I have received information from many colleges, including many women's colleges. I know that choosing a college is a very personal decision, but I was wondering if you knew of any general advantages of attending a women's college.




Dear Andrea,

I actually attended an all women's college -- Barnard -- and I am totally supportive of that experience.

As a woman, you don't realize how excluded you have been from the rest of the world, until you are included. Barnard was also unique, because it's in New York City and just across the street from Columbia University -- so you have all of the advantages of a big school. Other advantages, I think, are the networking -- I have found other alums totally supportive and open to networking with me, and similarly, I always make myself available for other alums. There is usually more rigorous academics, more support, and less competition among your classmates. I hope that helps.

It's not an experience for everyone, but for those who choose it, there can be great benefits.

Good luck,


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